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Medical Ethics Essay

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PH410 Medical Ethics Essay Week 4
Nicole B.
Bellevue University

PH410 Medical Ethics Essay Week 4
This week we watched a video about a man named Paul who holds strong Christian morals and whom wished to enter into the medical field. Two scenarios were involved. Scenario 1 discussed Paul as he was applying to medical schools. When he went to interview at these schools and was asked his stance on abortion, he responded truthfully saying he was anti-abortion based on his religious beliefs, and was denied entrance into the school. Scenario 2 showed Paul post medical degree seeking work. He interviewed at a small family practice clinic where the majority of the physicians were pro-abortion. He declined the job offer. Even though the clinic did not mind his stance on abortion, he did not want to be the minority in his stance. I believe that in the first scenario, the school was wrong for not accepting him based on his personal, religious belief, and in scenario 2, I believe the family practice clinic was right in accepting him, but it was Paul who ultimately made the decision not to work there, due to his minority view. In scenario 1, the medical schools wrongly discriminated against Paul due to his religious belief. According to the U.S. Department of Education, under federal law, schools that receive funding from t...

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