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For section A of AO3 you must use primary and secondary sources of research. It is not possible for you to individually ask Fiona Sutherland about her job role and working in partnership to provide a seamless service so I asked her to give her view on how it all works. Below is a summary of areas discussed. You are to reference this as an interview with Fiona Sutherland carried out on 29/11/12

Fiona Sutherland interview/primary research:-

Our service is commissioned by the Public Health Dept of the local Primary Care Trusts (City and County). We are the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Chlamydia Screening Programme funded by two separate PCTs. These hold the funding for all manner of public health services, depending on evidence of need and national direction. The purpose of the NCSP is to reduce case of Chlamydia and transfer cases of Chlamydia.

For Chlamydia, each year the national target and local budget are looked at to determine the level of service that can/will be provided. From set up about 5 years ago, we had a very substantial budget: the target was to continue to set up the screening service and test 12% then 25% of all sexually active 15 to 24 year olds. The numbers were all important because Chlamydia screening was a ‘Vital Signs Indicator’ (a monitor of PCT performance more or less) and it was important to hit the target.  

The NCSP had set out the target that screening for Chlamydia should be embedded in core services to tackle inequalities by opportunist screening– GPs, pharmacies, contraceptive services and termination services. Data showed we needed a service that was aimed at 15-24 year-olds in and out of education. With regard to where else we could offer screening, that was up to each local screening programme, and often depends on cooperation from individuals/organisations, such as youn...

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