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Gourmet Grocery Stores Eating Healthy Is Essay

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Gourmet Grocery Stores: Eating Healthy is Expensive
Kudler Fine Foods first opened in 1998 in La Jolla California, Kudler is a gourmet grocery store that tries to offer their customers the best and freshest ingredients and the tools needed to prepare a meal all in one place. Kudler Fine Foods strives to provide the best gourmet shopping experience for the consumer (Kudler Fine Foods. 2012). Kudler Fine Foods has expanded to 3 stores now in Southern California and plan on opening stores across the US. Whole Foods on the other hand was established 1980 in Austin, Texas and is the world’s leader in natural and organic foods with more than 310 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. Whole Foods searches for the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful and natural foods for their customers (Whole Foods Market. 2012). The decision that is to be made is will I invest in Kudler Fine Foods after reviewing all of the financial statements, creating a SWOT analysis, conducting a benchmark analysis and comparing Kudler Foods to a competitor to see how they compare. SWOT Analysis

After conducting the SWOT analysis for Kudler Fine Foods the most relevant parts of the analysis for making my decision on whether or not to invest in Kudler Foods, are the strengths, the weaknesses and the opportunities that Kudler Foods has in the economy. All of the parts of the SWOT analysis are relevant in whenever you are making a decision about investment but the investor should really focus on the parts mentioned previously. The strengths are what the company is already doing well, the weaknesses are the things that they need to work on and depending on how bad that is they may be the deal breaker in choosing to invest in the company and finally the op...

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