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Change Medicine And Healthcare Throughout First World War Essay

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For a long period of time, proper healthcare and medicine was unheard of in war. It wasn't until recently, starting with World War 1, that a greater amount of care was put into keeping soldiers alive. With the massive amount of deaths and wounded occurring in the First World War, new ways and technologies to improve medicine and health for the soldiers were developed in a very short period of time. It is the increase to attention for healthcare that results in a lot of experts saying that more often then not, a war will result in advances and improvements in health and medicine, and certainly World War 1 was no exception, resulting in massive improvements in techniques such as X-rays, blood transfusions, and ways of more efficient surgery techniques. So how did the First World War help with the progression of health and medicine techniques?


One of the most lasting and noticeable developments in medicine and health that occurred during the First World War was the effective use and further development of the X-ray. The X-ray had been developed around 20 years before the start of the war, in 1895 by a German scientist called Wilhelm Röntgen, who was experimenting with cathode rays which could pass through paper and light up the rest of the r...

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