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Healthcare Rembursment Essay

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Healthcare Reimbursement
By Roger Anderson
EDU 0101

What is a Healthcare reimbursement specialist? Generally, when a patient sees a healthcare provider, the provider requires either the services to be paid or the provider will file the claim on behalf of the patient. An ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS form is used by providers and insurance carriers that authorizes an insurance carrier to send the payment directly to the healthcare provider rather than sending a check to the patient. Sometimes, it is necessary for a provider to release copies of medical records to insurance carriers so they can determine if benefits are payable. In order for a provider to release medical records to anyone, including any third party, they must receive an AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION form signed by the patient authorizing the provider to do so. During an office visit, providers typically use a SUPERBILL or ENCOUNTER form to record what services were rendered to a patient and their diagnosis. A superbill usually lists the name of the patient, date of service, the procedures performed, the diagnosis...

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