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Determinants Of Health Essay

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Determinants of health.
Biological Determinants
–body weight & genetics.

(Introduction- Biological determinants)
Biological determinants of health include those factors that influence the health status of an individual through genetics or as a result of the effect of micro-organisms. Biological determinants are also the structure of the cells, tissues and systems of the body and how well they function. The effect of micro-organisms is both positive and negative to our body. Many miro-organisms are necessary for such processes as breaking down complex chemicals in foods. Harmful micro-organisms, such as a virus or fungus, have the potential to cause disease resulting in chronic illness or death. The body’s immune system develops antibodies to fight disease and the process of this dependent on a person’s health status. Being deprived in the necessary nutrition your body needs, you will be unable to produce effective immune defence mechanisms, putting the body in danger of the bad micro-organisms and the health problems that may follow. Some biological factors affect specific populations more than others. For example, older adults are biologically prone to being in poorer health than adolescents due to the physical and cognitive effects of aging. Some examples of biological determinants include:

* Body weight; being underweight, overweight, a healthy weight, obese. * Birth weight; being underweight is a huge risk for babies. * Genetics; sex, cancers, allergies.
* Glucose regulation; also referred to as glucose intolerance or insulin resistance. * Blood pressure; can lead to a lot of heart problems such as a stroke. * Blood cholesterol; if build up is extreme it can lead to brain damage The determinants above are varied and although most people have some control ...

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