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Review Of Socioeconomic Disparities In Health Essay

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John Nguyen
Article Review
Review of Socioeconomic Disparities in Health Behaviors

Preventable behavioral health-risk factors (smoking, obesity, overweight, alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise) are the foremost direct causes of disease and avoidable mortality. In this article, the author sought to examine the socioeconomic differences of why low-SES more often act in ways that harm their health than high-SES. Behaviors such as tobacco and alcohol use are commonplace in both economic class, so there must be something more to it than that. Methods that the author used were surveys, observation, and peer reviews from other researchers. Through these methods, exploring for the underlying cause of health behavior is possible and understanding why low-SES are more prone to negative health behavior. The author however, did not do any actually field work but instead wrote the paper using information obtain through other peer review journals and articles. This is a good way to condense together the vast amount of information out there and make it easier to observe all the factors. The methods were appropriate because the author is trying to show relationships between low-SES and unhealthy behaviors in general. The author did employ the selected methods correctly because he focuses mainly on three main categories (“avoidance of tobacco, participation in physical activity, and maintenance of proper weight”). The author tried to pick factors that are not only monetary-dependent; this means that being someone from low-SES does not completely restrict one from making healthier decisions. I did not discover a...

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