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Mental Health And Wellbeing Essay

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evaluate two different views on the nature of mental wellbeing and mental health  
 We are continually tort within the care sector and in life in general to acknowledge, accept and treat all individuals as that, individuals. This is the same for all people, we must remind ourselves that no two people are the same and that although two different people may encounter the same issue they may deal with it in very different ways, this all comes down to the individuals perceptions/ views, this will have a huge impact on their own well-being and mental health. A person who views things negatively will feel that their life is out of control, they will blame themselves and not look at the bigger picture such as outside influences that may have affected their situation. They will experience low moods, may suffer from disturbed sleeping patterns, feel they make wrong decisions and become withdrawn from themselves and society. They will focus or notice the negative things ignoring the positives, their negative view will spiral downward and breed more negative thoughts. These types of individuals are more likely to experience mental ill health. A person who perceives things as positive or have a 'happy go lucky' outlook will take things in their stride, not worry or stress about everyday life and think more logically when they do have problems in their life and deal with them head on rather than dwell on them and...

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