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Critically analyse the physical care, well being and interventions used in a client in your care Module: MHR4607
Physical Health and Wellbeing

‘Critically analyse the physical care, well being and interventions used in a client in your care’.

This reflective essay focus’s on a 54 year old service user who suffers from schizophrenia. Coinciding with her mental health illness she has a diagnosis’s of diabetes type 2, she is obese, and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). For the purpose of this reflective essay I shall be focusing on how her diabetes was managed during her time on an inner city psychiatric assessment ward. I will also look in to the correlation between diabetes and schizophrenia.

It is a fact that in today’s society those who suffer from mental health conditions, compared with those who are not mentally unwell, have a lower life expectancy and it appears this gap has widened through recent times (De Hert, Schreurs, Vancampfort & Winkel 2009). Connolly & Kelly (2005) suggested this could be due to a purposeful avoidance of health services by those who are mentally unwell, or that during this time of their mental health crisis, many are suffering the effects of their illness such as positive symptoms, thought disorder, or the flat effects associated with schizophrenia, these experiences could make it harder for them to go to their appointments. Saha, Chant & McGrath (2007) state that the reason as to the exact cause of this gap is not known, however many theories have been suggested as to why it has occurred. Mc Creadie (2003) attributed this gap as lifestyle factors. In a study on people suffering from schizophrenia against those who were mentally well, there was significant findings that the individuals with schizophrenia ate poorer diets, consuming under half of the recommended guide lines of fruit and vegetable consumptions in a week, theey undertook substantially lower exercise than the comparison group and tended to have a higher body mass index. According to Gough & Peveler (2004) current risk factors for people to suffer from diabetes are linked to issues such as eating unhealthy food and being inactive. Scheen &De Hert (2007) suggested that many who suffer from schizophrenia have certain lifestyle patterns that leave them at risk of developing diabetes, such as the lack of exercise they par take in, the unhealthy diet, being inactive and smoking. De Hert,et al (2009) concurred with this finding and found that the mentally unwell have a higher chance of being a smoker and being overweight, as well as developing diabetes. Leslie & Rosenheck (2004) argue that there is no conclusive evidence as to why many who are mentally unwell develop diabetes, however there is a strong occurrence between obesity and the current use of second- generation a...

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