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Analysis Of Health Views Essay

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Analysis of Health Views
Marie A. Hines
December 23, 2013
Mark Schmitz

Analysis of Health Views
There have been many changes in health views since the beginning of time. Some of these views stem from religious beliefs and family upbringing. Many people seemed to believe that health issues were related to evil spirits and sin. This dominant view conceived that the body and soul is an untouchable existence beyond the power of human intervention. “The medical profession - society's primary instrument for provision of health services - shoulders a responsibility to meet society's health care needs. In carrying out that responsibility, physicians should advocate for a less chaotic, more compassionate, and ultimately more effective system with universal, timely, access to health care”(Brett, 2012). With the impact of scientific research more doctors began to link health with the symptoms experienced before death. The philosopher Rene Descartes introduced the viewpoint of the mind and body being connected as one. This is the belief that the mind and body are separate entities, which ignores the psychological and subjective aspects of disease. He felt that the body and mind were intertwined with one another. He identifies that the brain was part of the physical body, whereas the mind existed in the spiritual realm. “As the field of medicine continued to advance during the early part of the twentieth century, it looked more and more to physiology and anatomy, rather than to the study of thoughts and emotions, ...

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