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Health Information Technology In China Essay

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Health Information Technology in China
Huihui Chen
Instructor: Professor Brian Malec
HSCI 415
California State University Northridge

Along with Economic Reform, a series of changes occurred in the early 1980s in the Chinese healthcare system. The government goal was enable every citizen in China access basic health care services and treatments, and consequently made great efforts to innovate the policy and regulation of China’s medical system. Health Information Technology was an important part in the medical reform plan, and began to develop in the mid-1990s with the financial management system because healthcare was provided by fee-for-service in hospitals. After five years the technology was applied to the clinical system. Beyond all doubt, China made huge progress in such a short period. However, China’s HIT still faces huge challenges and problems because of the weak software application and lack of professional technical assistance. The health application software in China fell behind other countries. And most of them only upgraded after several years and therefore lacked practicability. Moreover, even now China is chronically short of experts in the HIT area. Admittedly, the development of HIT application has only just started in China’s hospital. Therefore, HIT experts lack experience in managing the whole information system. In this paper, we discuss the importance of Health Information Technology in China, its adoption and the government policy. Furthermore, the future direction will be explored through the current IT situation as it exists in healthcare system. China is the most rapidly developing economy in the world. However, its healthcare system has fallen behind. Developing HIT is essential in creating an effective healthcare system.

Health Information Technology in China
The Chinese medical system faces a series of critical issues – unaffordable hospitalization costs, unbalanced regional development, medical safety and low insurance coverage rate. Medical dispute happen frequently due to institutional deficiencies. The number of “grave incidents” has gro...

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