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Forecast For Medicare Reform Essay

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Forecast for Medicare Reform
Nina Brown
American InterContinental University
Health Policy/HCM620/Unit 3
September 23, 2012

Forecast for Medicare Reform
From the time when Medicare was passed in 1965, it has delivered health care insurance to millions of elderly and disabled Americans. As effective this government program has survived, it is not progressing with the huge developments in the health care business such as with the prescription drug assistances that was not too long ago amended. The Medicare system are dealing with major financial disputes, and is required to make the most of the recently health care deliverance approaches in order to capitalize on the benefits for the existing and impending applicants to focus on the lasting stability for this program. In the 47 years since President Johnson signed this bill, Medicare has open the doors to reasonable first-class health care to million people like seniors and disabled Americans. The impact of this program on the populat...

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