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Medical Career Essay

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Medical Career
Kayli Kitchens
Soldotna High School
As of now my overall career goal is to become a Registered Nurse. To start preparing for my future early I have, and plan on taking beneficial classes during high school including safety and first aid and computer applications. The first stepping stone in to the medical career for me is taking the CNA class through KPC. Taking the CNA class will allow me to work thought College and pay of everything as I go. Next is getting my bachelorettes degree in the Science of Nursing which I will pay for mostly with scholarships. It is my goal to have all of my schooling finished in a total of 5 years. Once I have gained my bachelorettes degree I plan on getting my registered nursing license and continuing my career through a form of nursing.

Thesis: In order to have a successful career as a Registered Nurse I plan to get the proper education for the career, pay for schooling and living expenses strategically, and take advantage of future opportunities. I. Introduction

II. Education
a. High School preparation
i. Classes
1. Anatomy and Physiology
2. Computer Applications
3. Health Education
4. Introduction to Health Care
5. Nursing
6. Safety and First Aid
ii. Grades
1. Previous GPA
2. Current semester
3. Junior and senior year
iii. Volunteer
1. Previous volunteering
2. Future opportunities
b. CNA Program
i. Program content
1. Medical terminology
2. Basic anatomy
3. Lab training
4. Skills practice
5. Application of knowledge and skills
ii. Program check list
1. CNA Pre-Registration Form (available only from the KRC Faculty Admin Office). 2. Accuplacer placement test
3. Federal background check
4. Two sets of fingerprints
5. Two passport photos
iii. Costs
1. Total Tuition: $1297.50
a. Tuition charges: $1,044
b. Total Credit fee: $97.50
i. $7 Technology fee (x 6 credits = $42)
ii. $4.25 Student activity (x 6 credits = $25.50)
iii. $5 Health Center fee (x 6 credits = $30)
c. State of Alaska background and certification test: $279
c. UAA bachelor of science in nursing
i. Nursing pre-major
1. Qualify for admission
2. Declare nursing as pre-major
3. Complete prerequisites
4. Minimum GPA of 2.70
5. Grade of “C” or higher
ii. Application of Nursing major
1. Completion 34 specific prerequisite courses (34 credits)
2. student meets with a Nursing Academic Advisor to verify course completion and GPA 3. Complete application to Nursing Major
4. Thr...

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