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Medical Tourism Essay

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India's annual earnings through Medical Tourism is all set to double to 8000 Crore Rupees [2000 million US dollars] by year 2012 according to a recent study. The main reasons the study claims why medical tourism would flourish in India include much more lower medical costs for various surgical procedures such as bone narrow transparent, coronary bye-pass surgery, knee transplant and liver transplant as compared to western countries and even many of the Asian countries. Very good medical infrastructure not only in large Metros but also in tertiary towns is another reason for medical tourists favouring India.Availability of highly qualified medical professionals and nurses gives them the confidence to do such major procedures here. The disadvantages are:

It make health sector highly commercial and the common man in the country will be hard pressed for medical care; 2) All the resources of health sector will be thrown open for the international tourist so much so that ...

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