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Health It Code Of Ethics Essay

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A Glimpse on Ethical Codes
Health informatics in the Philippines is yet an emerging discipline. By the time I graduated and passed the Nursing Licensure Examination, Nursing Informatics wasn’t part of our curriculum until 2009. As a subdiscipline, it was relatively young at that time. I remembered during our oath taking when we pledged to the country to adhere closely to ethical and professional rules as accepted by the Nursing profession. Apparently, I didn’t practice my profession in the clinical setting. Practicality came into play and I ventured out on better jobs that offer higher remuneration. But there was no fulfillment in me until I entered the small but promising world of Health Informatics. Though it struck me more as a blessing in disguise, it widened my opportunities and more importantly, it gave me a better grasp of wha...

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