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Are You Diet Plans Healthy Essay

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Many vulnerable people look to the quickest and easiest weight loss options when the pounds are put on. Businesses and those of the internet take advantage of the average person looking to lose weight by making their product/article and or method sound safe, easy and fast when what they are really doing is being hazardous towards your physical and mental wellbeing. The top 7 most common weight loss dangers researched and acted on are the ‘No Calorie Diet’, ‘FAD Diets’, not eating/skipping meals, drugs and pills, purging, laxative abuse and smoking. The classic No Calorie Diet is an unhealthy way to lose the excess kilos. Most people think that calories are the culprits behind putting on weight and going on a no calorie diet will be beneficial when trying to lose weight. In reality it is very unhealthy for us being that our bodies need fat, plus healthy fats ac...

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