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Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment

|Functional Health Pattern Assessment |Toddler |Preschool-Aged |School-Aged | |(FHP) |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: | | |Developing Autonomy |Developing Initiative |Developing Industry | |Pattern of Health Perception and Health | |Gross motor skills have developed and |Child recognizes healthy styles of living| |Management: | |fine motor skills as well. Cognitive |such as healthy foods and importance of | | |Toddler meeting all milestones, |skills are progressing. |exercise. | |List two normal assessment findings that |progressing with potty training getting | | | |would be characteristic for each age |proper nutrition. Toddler follows |Parent keeps safe environment for |Child keeps hydrated during play outside | |group. |directions, gross motor skills |child. Supervises child at play. Sun |in hot weather. Has appropriate clothing | | |developing. |safety and swim safety. Hydration, |in cold weather play. Sunscreen use in | | | |sunscreen etc. |sun summer and winter. | |List two potential problems that a nurse |Parents going forward in continuing | | | |may discover in an assessment of each age|vaccines and completing well visits to | | | |group. |ensure a healthy growing individual. | | | | | | | | | | |Child unsupervised play often. Ex; |Child is overweight or obese. Could be | | |Parents have decided against vaccines, |rides bike on own outside without |borderline diabetic already. | | |this could cause possible outbreaks as |safety equipment. | | | |we’ve recently seen in communities. | |Childs diet is not overseen by parents | | | |Child has several or severe sunburns in|and is full of sugar and junk food or | | |Parent does not keep safe environment. |summer months. In grand scheme of |processed food. | | |When asked they state chemicals are not |things and in terms of health | | | |kept out of reach, toddler doesn’t have |management can cause skin cancer in | | | |sunscreen on in sun. Is left unattended |many years down the road. Acutely can | | | |around pool. Etc. |cause pain and dehydration | | | | | | | | | | | | |Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern: | |Child tries new foods often, even if |Growth spurts occurring again at this | | | |child doesn’t like it. This promotes |age. | |List two normal assessment findings that |Parents reporting their toddler is a |healthy eating for life. | | |would be characteristic for each age |“picky eater” | |Diet consists of little junk food. | |group. | |Parents reporting introducing | | | |Growth spurts slowing down once infancy |multivitamin into daily regimen | | | |ends and toddler stage begins. | | | |List two potential problems that a nurse | | | | |may discover in an assessment of each age| | | | |group. | | | | | | |On the other side of children being |Childhood obesity is a growing cause of | | | |overfed and fed with unhealthy food in |concern today. More seen now than ever | | |Falling below the 5th percentile on |today’s society, some children are |with less active children due to | | |growth charts can indicate malnutrition |unfortunate and starving, or not fed |technology i.e.; computers, video games, | | |or further neurological disease. Also |proper nutrition and condition known as|iPods etc. as well as unhealthy foods, | | |going above 95th percentile can indicate |rickets from deficiency of calcium and |fast foods more processed foods and less | | |an abnormal growth spurt considering |vit d can be seen. Noted by extreme |time for meals with families. | | |normal spurts are during infancy and |bowing of the legs. | | | |adolescence and this should be worked up.| |Many people today do not have dental | | | |Intolerance to certain foods indicating|insurance so nurses and PCP are assessing| | |Excessive diarrhea/nausea and vomiting; |allergies or sensitivity to foods which|teeth rather than dental hygienist or | | |this possess a great risk for dehydration|pose risk to mineral imbalances or |dentists. Noting poor dentition or | | |since young children are at great risk. |again malnutrition. |rotting of teeth can indicate too much | | |Symptoms include poor skin turgor, | |sugar, improper brush or poor fluoride | | |decreased capillary refill time, dry | |treatment. | | |mucous membranes and obvious in young | | | | |children is sunken fontanels and eye | | | | |sockets. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Pattern of Elimination: | |Potty trained with no accidents or very|Voiding 5-6 x per day, indicates properly| | |Starting potty training at this age. |rare accidents. Wears “big boy/girl |hydrated. ...

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