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History And Research Of Health Unit Essay

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The History and Research of Health Unit Coordinator

Clover Park Technical College

Brandy Richardson

The History of Health Unit Coordinator

I am going to give you the reader, an in depth look at my future career and what Health Unit Coordinating is and how it became along with an interview from Miss Clarissa English Snow from one of the top hospitals in Pierce County, WA. This will help you understand the responsibilities of a Health Unit Coordinator (Desk Nurse) VS. Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse.

But how did this all begin, before there were Certified Nurse Assistances, Registered Nurse Assistances, Licensed Practical Nurses, Advanced Registered Nurses etc. and the College Certification Program offered at many local Community and Technical College’s for Health Unit Coordinator? Between research and interview, I have completed nearly 8 pages of resourced information to help determine a better understanding of who exactly health unit coordinators are, where they stand in the medical field, what their mail objective is, and when it all came into play.

In today’s Hospitals, Private Practices, Nursing Homes etc. many now include Unit Secretary’s in which we generally call Health Unit Coordinators. Also known as HUC, these men or woman are the ‘unit managers’ or ‘floor clerk’s’, they help both Nurses and Physicians in their typical daily duties and watching heart monitors. Varying from Hospital to Hospital will depend on what type of duties you may be responsible of. None of this came into play before a certain time though, but when? Well, let me help you . . .

The History of Health Unit Coordinator

Before World War 2 had emerged many Hospitals were only staffed with Physicians, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians and Specialists and a few support personnel, doctors only made house calls. Crazy right? Even though this made it slightly difficult for them to work in the surrounding due to...

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