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"Ok Sam, the patient in trauma room 7 needs an x-ray". "Ok Smith, what's the status of the patient"? "Sam, she is a 20 year old female with potential bilateral fractures to both femurs, a potentially pelvis fracture, non-ambulatory, and non-weight bearing". I remember this scenario so well because it was the first time I had to actually perform outside of textbook knowledge. As I think about my clinical experiences while going through school for my Associates degree in Radiological Technology, I can't help but think about all of my lab practicums. Practicum's, as they were called by my instructors were forms of role play to enhance educational understanding. Practicum's followed chapter lectures, quizzes, and exams to exemplify understanding of learned material as well prove competency in required skills and performance. As I made my way to trauma bed 7 all I could do is think to myself about practicum's I have had and lessons I have learned. Then it hit me. In my last practicum my instructor told me "Deidra if you're ever in...

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