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Nvq 2 Health And Social Essay

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Jena Mcgarry

41 Seaway Crescent - Portsmouth [email protected] - 07791430127 I am a very organized person who always gets any given tasks completed on time. I am reliable, trustworthy and hard working. I am eager to learn and willing to undertake any training necessary to secure employment. I enjoy and work well with others and have the ability to establish good working relationships. I easily adapt to new situations and handle change well. The ability to see opportunities and to set and achieve goals and act independently.

Work Experience


About Comms - Gosport
September 2011 to April 2012
Lead Generator.
At About Comms my task was calling clients on a daily basis offering upgrades for their mobile phones, which they could accept or decline. Part of my role was to gain clients details about their current mobile phone and tariff, building a rapport and relationship with them and passing this to my sales team to make the sal...

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