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Health Care Utilization Paper Essay

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Health Care Utilization Paper

Class: HCS/235 Health Care Delivery in the U.S.

Option Chosen: 2 John Q

In this paper we will discuss John Q. and Medicaid. John recently moved into a rural community and works a full time job. John is eligible for Medicaid due to his low income and needs to see a doctor since he has high blood pressure and recently his father had a heart attack. He has local doctors but none of them except Medicaid and the closest one he can find is a 40 minute drive away and needs the appointment to be made two weeks in advance. John doesn’t have a vehicle of his own and catches rides to work and relies on public transportation. We will be discussing what factors may affect John’s health care utilization, if the factors found are mutable or immutable, and some ways to change the mutable factors. What factors may affect John’s health care utilization?

The factors in this situation that may affect John’s health care utilization are his form of insurance, the area he lives in, facilities that accepts his insurance, his health conditions, his level of income, and transportation. Are any of these factors mutable or immutable?

John could get another job to make more money or one that provides affordable health care coverage, but i...

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