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Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations Essay

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Whitney Scott
Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations
Nurs 429 V
March 21, 2015

Over the years the United States (US) has transformed from a predominately white population to being ethnically diverse. According to the 2010 US Census bureau states roughly 36.3 percent of its population belongs to a minority group. The minority groups represented in the US include; Alaska Native/ American Indian, Asian American, Black/African American, Hispanic/ Latino, and Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander (NHPI). Health status and disparities vary with each group as does health promotion. After analyzing each specific minority group the author of this paper has chosen to focus on the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander population (NHPI). In this paper the author will compare and contrast the selected minority group’s current health status with the national average, describe how health promotion is defined and give an example using the three levels of health promotion prevention, and explain the health disparities among the population. Current Health Status of Pacific Islanders

NHPIs are defined as people originating or have ancestry from Samoa, Guam, or Hawaii. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) this ethnic group is considered one of the fastest rising minority populations in the US; with 1.4 million people in 2011, but it is also the most under studied and under cared for group. The lack of attention this population receives and the personal ties the author has to...

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