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Reflection On A Journal Article Healthy Essay

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As part of your job for a major international company you have been asked to write a 1000 word synopsis of an article from an academic journal

This paper provides a synopsis for the journal article “Healthy eating and the UK’s major food retailers: a case study in corporate social responsibility” published by the British food journal in 2006 by Jones, P. , Comfort, D. and Hillier, D. The journal article is an initial study that investigates the manner the UK’s top ten food retailers address healthy eating agenda as a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, and the degree it is reflected within their in store promotions. The purpose of this synopsis is to present a summary for the journal article and to deliver rational critique for the authors’ intent and the outcomes of their research. The current notion that links healthy diet to wellbeing came into view due to recent scientific advancements in nutrition field along with cultural changes in modern western societies. In simple terms, healthy eating is expressed as the act of following a balanced nutritional diet. Several British entities, including the British nutrition foundation and the food standard association, have produced similar approaches to healthy eating in order to promote a better healthy life style. Those approaches mainly recommends decreasing salt, fat and sugar content in consumed food and advocated adapting healthy eating habits. There are two set of factors causing the urging need of increased awareness on this subject of matter. One significant aspect is the increasi...

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