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Health And Social L3 Hazards And Essay

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Hazards And Risks in a nursery setting

Unit 3 Assessment 1 P1

Introduction; Workers in childcare facilities educate and care for infants, toddlers and preschool age children. Childcare may not seem like a hazardous occupation, but every workplace has hazards and risks. Childcare workers should pay attention to their own safety while they nurture children.

1. Electrical

Hazard; Staff and children can get electrical shocks or burns from using faulty electrical equipment. Over use of extension leads, can cause electrical overloading and fire. The risk; a child putting there fingers in to an exposed socket would be an electrical shock which could harm , upset and shock the child. To prevent this from happening

Staff trained to spot and report (to the manager or team leader) any defective plugs, discoloured sockets or damaged equipment. • Defective equipment immediately removed from use.
• Staff told not to bring their own appliances to work e.g. fans, heaters etc • Competent Person e.g. electrician appointed to undertake Portable Appliance Testing. Plug safety covers should be inserted in all plug sockets in a child care.

electrical faults:
Equipment not working
Loose wiring
Broken casing around wires or applications
Electrical arcing (sparks)
Plugs becoming warm

2. Liquids

Hazard;Most childcare settings consist of at least one activity object that will be provided with water. e.g. a water/ sand pit. A water pit is a hazard as the water can spill from the water pit on to the floor, this would cause a risk, the floor would be wet and slippery and the over all outcome would be a child is then likely to slip on the floor and hurt themselves. If water is noticed on the floor it should be cleaned up immediately to prevent any injuries or accidents in the setting.

Hot drinks; When staff are in a childcare setting room, hot drinks should be kept well away from...

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