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Discriminatory Practice In A Health And Essay

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Debra Whiteside 197008
Factors that may influence equality of opportunity for individuals

Social Factors
Many social factors influence the equality of opportunity. These are just a couple of examples of social factors that may influence the equality of opportunity for individuals. Whatever your religious belief may be ever body socialises with their peers when they come together to worship and pray to their chosen god in. All members of the same religion whether they are Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, or Jehovah witness or whether they are rich, poor, old, young, gay, lesbian, or straight, no matter how old you are, whether you are a single parent or part of a married couple, or if you have a disability we are all equal when in your chosen place of worship. In lots of places of worship it was until recently against the law for two men or two women to marry each other. It is now due to become law that two men or two women can be married in church, although lots of places of worship will be able to opt out of this law. ( 2013) Lots of places of worship have prejudged and discriminated gay and lesbian couples by only following the way of their religious text. Lots of gay and lesbian couples feel discriminated against because they were not allowed to enjoy the equal marriage blessing from their places of worship. If you don’t belong to any religious group, and you choose not to worship any supernatural being, then you could be labelled as a sinner, or a devil worshiper, by those who do. Most hospitals in the United Kingdom have multi faith centres instead of different church’s or rooms for different religions. So all visitors have an equal opportunity to pray, or reflect or just think. Where you live effects a lot of social factors in life from education, the parks we take our children to, the health care we receive and the people we are neighbours with and this can have an effect of equality for people. Children can only attend some schools if they live close to the school, so in areas where there are a lot of people with lots of money the school may have better facilities than a school that is in an area where lots of people live on benefits or are on low wages. If children go to a state school then they are more likely to mix with children from all different walks of life and will learn to accept people for who they are and not for what they are. Lots of single faith schools only skim around the edges of other religions and study their own faiths more. If you live on a rundown council estate you may get labelled as a chav or as a benefit scrounger. If you are a young single mum who lives on one of these estates you may get stereotyped as a slapper or a benefit scrounger. You may live in an area where there isn’t many different ethnic groups or you may live in an area where there is predominantly one ethnic group living there. This could make people feel isolated from their own ethnic groups or this could cause resentment about why there isn’t enough housing or why the country is in recession etc. You may also feel left out of different cultural celebrations such as Christmas, New Years Eve, Bonfire Night, Halloween, Eid, Ramadan, weddings, and bar mitzvah’s. If you live in an area where the majority of people have the same cultural roots as yourself this can benefit your social equality, if you loca...

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