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The Evoling Role Of Government In Essay

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The Evolving Role of Government in Education
Cozette Griffin
Grand Canyon University
Dr. Anderson
EDU 310
August 1, 2010

The Evolving Role of Government in Education
The time has come for everyone to take a role in planning, supporting and inspiring education. The role of the state and federal government in the United State is that the federal government, the state and the churches play a great role in education. The government has many roles in education. Education is primarily a state and local responsibility in the United States (.U.S. department of Education, The government encourages adults to get their full learning and works with others departments to develop school infrastructure and schools skills to meet the needs of growth areas. The government’s main aim in education is to raise standards in schools. The government wants parents to be able to choose a good school, matching what they want for their child and what a school offers. The government has expanded and encouraged schools and colleges to specialize in particular subjects, languages and technology. Education is paid for and administrated by government bodies. The government department faculties employ a wide range of teaching strategies and offer a variety of learning (Oppapers). The federal government does get indirectly involved with public education through the series of legislative action such as the NCLBA. The federa...

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