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Healthcare Promotion A Nurses Role Essay

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Health Care Promotion the Nurses Role
Beverly C. Easterwood Grand Canyon University

Healthcare promotion is very complex and has many facets that have to be addressed in order to have an effect on the population. There are three levels of health promotion; primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary health care promotion is teaching how to prevent a disease from occurring. Teaching preventative ways to avoid disease can start in early childhood. School nurses and nurses in pediatrician offices are a key asset to helping children learn healthy habits. Nurses play a huge part in teaching parents and children ways to be and stay healthy. Nurses can help children learn things like washing hands to prevent the spread of illness, personal hygiene to avoid infection, how long and how often to exercise to stay or become physically fit and eating healthy to maintain a healthy body weight so they don’t get diseases like heart disease and diabetes that can be caused by lack of proper diet and exercise. “Behaviors established in childhood predict health outcomes over the lifespan” (Deborah). Nurses also play a key role in educating parents on the importance of childhood vaccination to prevent deadly childhood illnesses. These are all preventative ways...

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