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Health And Safety Essay

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* Our first acknowledgement goes to our course lecture for giving us this type of assignment to enhance our knowledge.

* Then our thanks should goes to Mr. Rohana who is the Human Resource Manager of Miami Export (pvt) Ltd. to giving us his co-operation to make the assignment success.

* We should thanks to the two employees who share their ideas with us.

* This is our group effort. To success this, we all have accomplish our duty very well. Therefore thanks should each group members also.


1. Introduction to assignment.
2. Introduction to the organization
3. Analyze part
* Policy statement
* Safety activities and procedures
* Health activities and procedures
* Welfare activities and procedure
* Evaluation Policies of Miami export
* Delegation of responsibility about health and safety
4. Suggestion
5. References
6. Appendixes


Under BBA 3203 Health and Safety Management we have to complete an assignment regarding the health and safety activities and procedures existed in a particular organization. Through this assignment it is mainly focused on whether there is a proper health and safety standards within the organization.

So here the main purpose of conducting this assignment is identifying whether there is a sound Health and Safety policy activities and procedures in the selected organization.

To complete this assignment we have selected the “Miami exports (Pvt) Limited” as the organization. It heavy human capital to understand about the Health and Safety we have selected the apparel industry. Because of this we could able to get a thorough understanding about the Health and Safety which is existed in between a large number of employers is a firm which is operating in the apparel industry. Because the apparel industry is a industry which has a & the management. The Miami exports private limited is one of a firm in the B.A.M. Group. The Founder of the group is Mr. Maheepala and this group consists with five main apparel companies.(SEE, FIGURE O1) They are (1) Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd.- Homagama

(2) Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd. - Pitigala
(3) Perfect Garment (Pvt) Ltd.-Dikwella
(4) Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd.-Ranna
(5) B.A.M. apparel (Pvt) Ltd-Kithulgala

Out of these five apparel companies we selected the Miami Export (Pvt) Ltd situated in Ranna.(SEE, FIGURE O2) There are two factories named as factory 01 (old) & factory 02 (new) in the factory premises. The factory was established at 14th November 1992 & it is situated in Wadigala Ranna area faced to the Colombo – Katharagama High way The men, women & Children wears are the main products that they are producing. Expect those main products they have diversified the production to soon other areas such as Polythin bags, Embroider productions & cloths. They said that there are approximately 4000 workers employed with them & their main customers or the buyers are the United States of America, United Kingdom, & Italy & the “Next” Limited in U.K, Mark & Spencer in U.K. & J.C. Pence in U.S.A. are the major foreign suppliers & N.V. Company is the main local supplier of this company.

The vision statement of Miami Exports
“Priority the (1)”

The mission statement
“Our main target is to be within the worlds best 10 suppliers who produce higher quality & valued apparel and who has a good brand image. And to become a group which has a good relationship with the other firms. We always maintain a positive relationships with the parties who provide their excellent contribution to our Business and in the priority is given to our valuable employers & our stakeholders we seek the best in each an every task within our journey and through that hopes to increase the profit that exceeds the standards and to enhance regular development rate. Our main responsibility to the lives of the people in the society” Values

* Our future is the children
* Our stability is the Environment
* Our strength is the creativity
From these things we could able to get an understanding about how the firm and the group is formed and what are their vision, mission, value, & the main operations of the Miami exports private limited. Now we can move to identify about how the group & the factory is controlled and through that we can identify the relationship that is existed in between the management & the labors. To get an understanding regarding this factor we can analyze the organizational structure of the Miami export (Pvt) limited.


Health and safety policy statement
Health & safety policy statement is a written statement of plan of actions, a course or method of actions that has been deliberately chosen and that guide or influence future decisions by stating principles and rules an occupational health and safety policy guides actions. So health and safety policy statement is an essential thing to an organization since it indicates all the activities related to the health and safety of the employees, organization and to the ultimate customers also. The responsibility of a health and safety policy is goes to mainly to the employers. And it indicates the degree of commitment to the health and safety. So the employer has the higher responsibility to make the policy statement in implemented. A health and safety policy statement sets out the general approach, objectives and the arrangements the organizations have to put in place for managing health and safety of the organization. It is a unique document that says who does what, when and how. So always the healthy and policy statement indicates how the organization implements and monitors the health and safety controls of an organization. So in the Miami exports (pvt) limited us also able to get a health and safety policy statement. In here the BAM group maintains one health and safety policy statement for entire group under group human resources development department. So we have identified their commitment to the implement a proper health and safety policy with in the factory premises. (Appendix 01) Their commitment

“We at MIAMI EXPORTS consider quality as one of the most important factors in our business. While assuring highest quality standards, the management takes a special care on the safety of our employees. Safety of our employees is never compromised in order to achieve our production and quality targets. We firmly believe accident free safe environment is vital for our employees to achieve the objects of our company.”

Safety Activities and Procedures

In the Miami export we founded there are lot of safety activities. Following all activities control and evaluate by newly appointed safety officer. As soon as employees appoint to the organization...

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