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Health Care Reform Essay

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Health Care Reform 2010

There is so little contradiction that government should be engaged in one way or another in creating a solution that gives Americans in need of medical assistance the right to life, liberty and the continued pursuit of happiness. The disagreements come in recognizing the failure of government to properly handle other socialized systems, the amount of government oversight that should be imposed, and the coverage that should be part of any comprehensive national healthcare solution. During his campaign, President Obama argued for health care reform by saying that health care is a right. Steinhauer, J. (2008, October 8). Road to November: Where he first got going, cheering Obama on. The New York Times, p. A18. The framework for reforming health care that President Obama outlined during his campaign includes three primary elements: providing affordable health insurance for all Americans, lowering health care costs, and promoting public health. Heal...

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