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Current Employment Trends In Health Care Essay

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Running Head: Current Employment Trends in Health Care

Current Employment Trends in Health Care Paper
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Current Employment Trends in Health Care Paper

Nursing is one career that has more than one definition. Scholars have yet to agree on a single definition. Some say that nursing is love. In a way this is correct. A nurse cares for people who are sick in every way and sometimes all a person needs is love and someone to talk to. A scientific definition for nursing is “observes, assesses, and records symptoms, reactions, and progress of patients; administers medications; helps rehabilitate patients; instructs patients and family members in proper health care; and helps maintain a physical and emotional environment that promotes recovery”. A nurse does not help only individuals, they also help families and groups achieve health and prevent disease. The definition “nursing” refers to the functions that a person will do after formal education and training. Although there are many definitions of nursing, most people say that nursing is a career that requires a nurse to help a sick or injured person. History of Nursing

Nursing began with Florence Nightingale around the 1850’s. During the first few years of nursing, a nurse’s main responsibility was to help a person maintain personal hygiene. In China, medicine men would use charms to try to heal the sick and injured but they were smart and sophisticated enough to use female nurses for childbirth. When a career in nursing first began, many nurses were looked at as uneducated women who couldn’t care for themselves. Nurses were looked down on and mainly cared for homeless and poor families. Many years after Nightingale, careers in nursing have multiplied and nurses are looked up to and are recognized now more than ever. Boston, Massachusetts had the privilege of housing the first school of nursing in 1873. Since the first nursing school was opened, the training a nurse will go through has dramatically changed. Throughout history, there have always bee...

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