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Truth About Healthy And Better Life Essay

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Ambar Miranda Alfaro Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Six Methods of Writing an Introductory Paragraph
1. General to narrow
Truth about healthy and better life
Obviously we all like eating food, its essential for a healthy living. Don’t get the wrong idea, just because you eat does not mean you are healthy. It depends on what you eat and when you eat it. There are a lot different foods. A good nutrition is based on a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, oils, dairy and protein. Like vegetables, fruits, oils and dairy, there are different ways to obtain a healthy amount of protein. The most common source of protein is meat. What people may not know is that although there is organic meat, the one you usually buy at the super market contains a lot of unhealthy hormones for your body. Corporate meat producers use growth hormones to mass-produce meat products more efficiently and econom...

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