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Capital Gain For Medical Pain Essay

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Capital Gain for Medical Pain

Samuel Gonzalez

ENG122: English Composition II

Instructor: Lisa Clark

February 26, 2013

There are many people that either agree or disagree on the choices or decisions that the government makes to better the economy of the country and the increase of sin taxes is a much debated taxation all over the world right now. The purpose of this research paper is not to convince people that the increase of sin taxes is the best option for the government to get money to pay for the rising costs of medical care, but to show them and inform them that by increasing taxes on alcoholic beverages and tobacco, society would get in return a lower cost of health care and also a decrease of the use of dangerous products. This research paper will be showing the reasons of why sin taxes should be increased and the benefits that come from increasing them.

This is an argumentative research paper that agrees to the increase of sin taxes to pay for the rising costs of medical care. Even though many people spend money on products such as alcohol beverages and tobacco products they believe it is not fair that government wants to increase the taxes on products that are so called sinful to consume. Some say the consumers knowingly use these products that can really affect one’s health; these products have warning labels with actual research studies that prove that long term abuse from these could do a lot more damage to once health than a moment of bliss. Most non-smokers along with some smokers agree that if taxes are going to be raised to pay for medical costs for citizen’s it should be on luxury products. This quote from an article about increase on sin tax says a lot about some peoples view on the controversial topic, “"It means less people come through the door, at least at first. Eventually people get used to it." (Brown, 2011) The changes on supply and demand will always play a vital role in inflation along with being taxed at a higher rate due to popular demand. Changes in the amount of tax charged on these products could be like any other tax, but you see more of a general justification and acceptance for tax like sin tax. This increase in sin tax is being found useful and become political popular in other countries around the world; For example the Philippines passed a bill stating that taxes on “sinful products” would be incr...

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