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Health Ans Social Care Diploma Level Essay

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Claire Pitt Presentation

Brought to you by Fairy Dust
May 2013
Claire Pitt Presentation

Brought to you by Fairy Dust
May 2013

Claire Pitt ZLI6901

Assignment 204

Principals of Safeguarding and protection in Health and Social

Care: Booklet Task

Types of abuse and the signs:

Physical Abuse- This is actual hands on intentional contact meant to deliver pain or suffering to the recipient, such as hitting, pushing, leaving people soiled and inappropriate sanctions.
Signs- Bruises/ scratches. Unexplained physical marks on the body, the person may change their usual behavior such as becomes anxious or angry.

Sexual Abuse- This is when an individual is not able or willing to consent to a sexual act or the person is bribed or tricked into the act.

Signs- Unexplained pregnancy or STI, withdrawn, angry or anxious around specific people or persons.

Emotional/Psychological Abuse – This is when a person or people of trust will make someone do things that they don’t want to do via threats of harm, bullying or fear of being humiliated or abandoned.

Signs- avoiding specific people or person, becoming withdrawn or anxious in their presence.

Financial Abuse- is when a trusted person or people coerce less able persons into paying for gifts, giving moneys or willing property or inheritance for personal gain, fraud or theft.
Signs- Unable to p...

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