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Economic Term And Healthcare History Essay

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Economic terms and health care history
Woody Johnson
June 12, 2013

During history, health care economics has changed considerably. The main reason that stimulus change in health care economic are technology and medical care, however a lot has to do with evolutionary changes that the U.S. endured from the beginning. It is very essential to comprehend health care cash flow system and economic history. Administrators use this data to help organize the future of the corporation. In this paper, I plan to use the terms to elaborate on the history and evolution of health care economics and the timeline of finance. Before the year of 1990, there was not a significant health care in America. American medical association was just starting, individual were using home remedy to treat illnesses, physician was making house call and trade service for good, clinic were just getting started, and there were no such thing as health insurance. However, among the age of 1901 and 1940 health care and treatment made some significant change. Clinic became more necessary Antibiotics were found, improvements were made in cleanliness, and individuals came up with ideas for employment benefit. Also, individuals came up with ideas for health insurance. In the year of 1960 social security has been carried out, Medicare & Medicaid contracted into law, and Health Insurance Company were coming up all over (PBS, 1960). In the year of 1970, HMO came in effect, and the cost of health care started going out of control and increasing. Since we place great value on health, health care end up costing a lot. Health is so i...

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