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LT Fugeman
Writing 101
Professor Koll
7 October 2012
Canadian Politics and Health Care
As J. Brebner once said, “Americans are benevolently ignorant about Canada, while Canadians are malevolently well informed about the United States” (“Quotes,” 2003). Although this quote is a matter of opinion, there have been many distraught debates concerning the differences in government systems between Canada and other nations. While all enclosed within a constitutional monarchy, the citizens of Canada live under what most refer to as a Westminster style federal parliamentary democracy. Contrary to the political debate, the health care debate may prove to be equally, if not more prevalent. This health care is delivered through a publicly- funded health care system. Canadian politics and health care function within strong democratic conditions and are important to the diversity and varied economies of the world due to their unique system of parliamentary democracy, the Statute of Westminster the government is based upon, and the Canada Health Act (Hillmer, 2011).

The federal government of Canada is much more complicated than governments of other nations. “It includes the Prime Minister of Canada and cabinet, the Parliament of Canada, the federal courts and various departments and agencies which administer the day-to-day business of government” (Munroe, 2011). Each individual in the government partakes in a different task which is necessary in the flow and profound influence the government has on its nation. Individuals who have the most prevalent influence on the citizens of Canada include the Queen, the Governor General of Canada, the individuals who make up the Cabinet, a committee of ministers of the Crown, the Prime Minister of Canada, members of the House of Commons, and the Leader of Her Majesty’s Royal Oppositions (Munroe, 2011). Along with each individual that makes up the government, there must be a framework with which to abide by. Having formerly been a colony of the United Kingdom, the Canadian legal system is founded around the British common law system. The government system the nation and its rulers have chosen to abide by is called the Constitution of Canada. This constitution consists of written texts, along with unwritten conventions. Previously known as the British North America Act, the Constitution Act of 1867 affirmed governance based on parliamentary precedent, which was very similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom. This act also divided powers between the federal and provincial governments. The next set of laws that aided in the grant of full independence was the Statute of Westminster which was formed in 1931. Basic rights and...

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