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Health care today represents an ever evolving and complicating sector of business, ethics and organizational behavior. One of the many issues that health care managers deal with on a daily basis is that staff retention and shortages, specifically among nurses. While hospitals across the country have struggled with this issue and have tried to remedy it by changing hiring tactics as well as employee benefits. However, these are long-term solutions and sometimes short-term fixes are required, usher in the contract travel nurse. Travel, or contract, nurses represent a unique sector or health care business and hiring. These workers are temporary staff that hospitals hire to cover staffing shortages, high census or high acuity situations in which they are not prepared to handle with full time permanent staff. Travel nurses have specialties, like any other nurse, and can choose their own assignments. A travel company hires travel nurses, then these companies contract the nurses out to various hospitals based on specialty and preference of the nurse. These staff are not paid by the hospital directly but rather through their original travel company. This type of nurse is then “hired” by a particular unit in a particular hospital under certain and pre-negotiated terms. These can be anything that the...

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