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Medical Terminology Review Integumentary System Essay

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Handout 3.1 Pretest
Write the letter corresponding to the medical term defined.
__a_  1. inflammation of the skin of the extremities
a. acrodermatitis
b. acrocyanosis
c. dermatitis
__c_  2. pertaining to under the skin
a. dermal
b. percutaneous
c. hypodermic
__a_  3. pertaining to upon the skin
a. epidermal
b. percutaneous
c. subcutaneous
__b_  4. disease of the skin
a. dermatology
b. dermatopathy
c. dermatitis
__b__  5. red skin
a. xanthoderma
b. erythroderma
c. melanoderma
Handout 3.2 MATCHING, Objectives 1, 2, & 3
Exercise A. Match the word root with its meaning. Answers may be used more than once. __d___ 1. xanth  a. extremities
__a__ 2. acr  b. blue
__c__ 3. onych  c. nail
__e__ 4. cutane  d. yellow
__b__ 5. cyan e. skin
__i__ 6. myc  f. red
__h__ 7. melan  g. white
__e__ 8. dermat  h. black
__f__ 9. erythr i. fungus
__e__ 10. derm 
__g__ 11. leuk 
Exercise B. Match the suffix or prefix with its meaning. Answers may be used more than once. __a__ 1. -ous  a. pertaining to
__b__ 2. epi-  b. on, upon, over
__d__ ...

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