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Early Years Education: Nursery nurse 

Job summary:
A nursery nurse is employed by nurseries, schools, hospitals and private homes to help with the non-clinical care of young children and babies. Nursery nurses offer care for children until the child has reached the age of five. A nursery nurse includes taking care of a child’s learning, education, play and social development. Daily Tasks:

The work of nursery nurses normally includes the following: he/she need to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care for the children; he/she need maintain the environment in a child friendly manner, they would need to support carers in the parenting of their children. Duties also include attending meetings, finding ways to stimulate children particularly those with special and sensory needs, planning and supervising activities such as arts and crafts, music and cooking. Qualifications required:

Nursery nurses usually need to hold a relevant child care qualifications such as: CACHE Level 3 Dipl...

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