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Mental Health Questions Essay

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re reflection part A... are these the only questions to be address in the 450 words? 1. How have your past thoughts and feelings affected your knowledge? Worry gets you nowhere!
“Should have” statements or “If Only”
Strong believer in thoughts and words affecting life.

2. How do these thoughts and feelings affect your attitude?
Negative thoughts can bring on negative responses.
By changing your thinking you can detox your brain. If you analyse thoughts and decide which require rejection to lead to positivity this can lead to a better attitude in life.

A person’s mental health can determine his or her self image and confidence. A person with good mental health might generally be more satisfied with life and in relationships with others. They might have more self confidence. Positive outlook

3. How do these thoughts and feelings affect your behaviour? It can be similar to having a physical illness or injury. For example, if a person comes down with a serious illness such as cancer, or another chronic illness and stays positi...

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