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Health And Safety Jan 15 Essay

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Advanced Apprenticeship
Health and Social Care
Health and Safety

Identify the legislation relating to general health and safety. BTEC 1.1. Dip 1.1

Health and Safety Legislations;

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
Reporting of injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) Work Place (Health, Safety and welfare) Regulations 1992

Describe the main points of Health and Safety Procedures and policies in the work place and what might some of these be? BTEC 1.2. Dip 1.2.

Statement section, detailing how safety will be managed and that demonstrates the organisations commitment to Health and Social. Organisation section details where responsibilities are allocated and how employers fit into the overall Safety Management System. Arrangement section that contains details of how specific actives and functions are managed. Some of these might be:

Risk Assesment
Fire Safety
First Aid
Hazardous Substances
Accident Reporting
Electrical Safety
Work Equipment

Analyse the different responsibilities under Health and Safety – What would these be? BTEC 1.3. Dip 1.3

The Social Care Worker
The Employer and Manager
Individuals we are for
Make sure that you take responsibilities for own Health and Safety. Be responsible in not putting employees or public at risk.
Work with employer to ensure that you have received training and understand their policies. Report any injuries or illnesses that will effect my role.
Legal responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Have a duty to protect the safety and welfare of employees and the public. Duty of care to make assessments in the workplace and to do risk assessments. Give information on how to protect individuals and how to deal with risks. Legal duty to display Health and Safety poster and to provide each worker with a leaflet on Health and Safety.

Think about what you know about health and safety, what task should you not do without specialist training?

Using equipment
Electrical – changing a light bulb or plug

Why should these tasks not be carried out without specialist training?

Injury to worker or individual

Where might you be able to get extra advise, support and information relating to health and safety?

Policies and Procedures
Training courses
Other workers
Social workers
Qualified people

Risk Assessments;

Explain why it is important to assess heath and safety? BTEC 15. Dip 2.1

To minimise injury or illness.

What is a hazard?

Wet floors
Stairs or steps
Wires and cables

What is a risk?


A couple of weeks ago you looked at risk assessment and management in relation to the individual, the same principles apply. How would you use health and safety risk assessment, what would the 5 stages be? BTEC 2.2. Dip 2.2

Wet floor
Move people away
Put sign up
Get a mop or cloth
Clean up spillage

Explain how you would address potential health and safety risks that have been identified? BTEC 2.3

Mark it e.g. Tape, Sign
Get the correct equipment/person to deal with it if qualified e.g. Maintenance person, manager or do it yourself.

Within Health and Social Care dilemmas will oc...

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