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David Perez

In a well organized society rights and policies are establish to protect the right of the citizens. It keeps equality between all within the society and a well balanced system for justice. But it is not always that these rights and policies and able to coexist together in society. In some of the best establishments of societies throughout the world has the right to eliminate corruption in all public and private institutions. With rights comes practices that conflicts with them. With corruption there is not a specific practice written down on paper but corruption is usually driven by “…Fundamentally caused by low wages, poor incentive structures and inefficient systems. In addition, it is also caused by the desire for an unfair advantage, and the knowledge that one will not be caught or punished for corrupt behavior. Corruption is not just about ethics, it is also about how the government is set up and managed” (Stapenhurst, R., Johnston, N., and Pelizzo, R). To create an appropriate response to the conflict between the right to elimination of corruption and it practice you must narrow down right to be more specific. But to first define the right, you must remove the dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power in a private and public institutions. A specific type of corruption is “the the...

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