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Government Attempts For A Higher Physical Essay

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Tanner Eavenson
Mrs. Collins
LNG 341
14 March 2013
Government Attempts for a Higher Physical Well-Being of Students
Since the introduction of physical fitness programs in schools across the United States, greater numbers of students have improved their health and physical well-being by using and benefiting from these programs. However, as morbid obesity and other physically-related health issues have increased, students have begun to lose interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Actions by schools such as decreasing and even removing physical fitness programs as well as unhealthy school foods which are being sold to students have been shown to be a factor in the increase of the unhealthy lifestyles of students. Although there have been several attempts by state governments, not enough is being done to increase the physical well-being of students in the United States. Schools have been participating in physically encouraging activities for decades. A study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that physical activity and fitness programs that are set forth by state governments can help students divert from making bad decisions, such as smoking, drinking, and violence. The National Association of Sports and Physical Education, or NASPE, also notes that physical education tends to lead students to better academic performance and even sets the students up for a better attitude towards academic excellence (“Spark Blog Team”). New government programs have been introduced to benefit the health of America’s students by introducing new legislation and programs for schools, specifically acts concerning the health and safety of students. However, despite numerous amounts of schools coming up in recent years, school officials are beginning to decrease the amount of time for and are even removing physical education classes. There are a few reasons that state officials are beginning to eliminate these programs, but most are enforced from results of budget cuts, schools that want to focus more on academic performance, and schools that say these fitness programs are a distraction to students’ studies (Kucynski-Brown). Some parents say that the state governments are allowing state schools to push them around, resulting in the reduction of schools following the guidelines. In a recent survey, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services recommended that children and teenagers participate in at least sixty minutes of physical ac...

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