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Local Government Autonomy In Nigeria Essay

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LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUTONOMY IN NIGERIA; A NEED FOR CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM "The basic irony between the U.S system and ours is that; while the various forms of local government are working wonders even when they are not mentioned anywhere in the U.S constitution; complaints over the failings of the Local Governments abound here even when they are entrenched in and catered for by the 1999 Constitution”. 1. INRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY

All over the world, the local government system is the tier of government that is closest to the people. It is designed to bring governance and service delivery to rural and underserved communities. It is also an avenue for deepening democracy and decentralizing power through greater citizen participation in electoral processes and decision-making. It also serves as an arena for political development at the grass-roots level. Thus, Section 14(4) states:

The composition of Government of a State, a Local Government Council, or any of the Agencies of such Government or Council, and the conduct of the affairs of the Government or Council or such Agencies shall be carried out in such manner as to recorgnise the diversity of...

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