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The Provisional Government Essay

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The Failure of the Provisional Government
Before we actually get into the details of this topic, it is important to understand the importance of these events. Many people consider this period as fairly useless because very little real change happened. While it is true that the people had more of a say, the peasants were still never granted the things that they most desired. Yet, what truly makes this time interesting, is the many changes that occurred. Due to both Kerensky and the Provisional Government, many old things ended, and many new things began. For example, this revolution caused an end to hereditary rule in Russia. Although there were more dictators, Russia would never be ruled by another Tsar. Therefore, as we go through these slides, it is important to think about the fact about how these events were an important stepping stone to greater change. Before 1917:

Now to gain a proper understanding of the Provisional Government and Kerensky, one must first look at the situation in Russia from about 1905-1917. At this time, Russia was ruled by a Tsar, who had abso...

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