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American Government Notes Essay

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Am. Gov. Notes
push and pull factors

What the Bible says about government
The law
Given to Moses to establish a system of rules for God’s people The History
The old testament traces the development of the government and the history of Israel Shows both the good and the bad with the responses of the people and God’s expectations Used to support medieval beliefs in a “divine right of kings” The New Testament

Jesus speaks to a citizen’s obligation to their government – even a secular one Sets an example of appeal to governing officials
Why do we have government?
student gov. at BCA
Town meeting organization
School systems
Local/state/national government
Supranational organization
Anytime humans have grown numerous, governments have formed…. Why?
What functions do they serve

Creation Mandate
God established and to govern over his dominion & Eve as hi helper in the task How does the environmental movement fit in with this? We are supposed to take care of things. This can be modeled in any form of human government – leader...

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