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Economics Of Education Essay

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A project prepared in partial fulfillment for EA: 606 “Economics of Education and Financing”


M.E.d. Management and Administration (Candidate) 2012/2013
Department of Educational Management and Life Long Learning
University of Dar es salaam

E- mail: [email protected]


This project, critically reviews the sources of revenue at Kinondoni Municipal along with the budgetary allocation to secondary educational sector. It provides the major sources of revenue which include Central Government revenue, Basket fund (Donors) and Local government revenue which constitute revenue from city service levy, property tax, advertising and bill boarding fees, compensation revenue, and cost sharing. It identifies that education is the priorities to which the council does consider much in allocating their funds.

The project reveals the background on the system of financing education as an essential and critical kind of investment in developing countries particularly Tanzania. It has shown its significances with respect to running the system (government) in general. The significances give the stand to which the Government should take into consideration on allocating funds in secondary educational department.

More over the project has identified the objectives for analyzing the sources of revenue and educational budgetary allocation. These objectives have been stated in such a way that, it shows the directory as guidelines for reaching targeted goal(s) for sustainable development.

Nevertheless, case study method and documentary review as well as interview techniques were employed. The data have been analyzed using tables and figures.

1.0. Introduction and Background.

Kinondoni Municipal is located in Dar es Salaam City in Tanzania. It is bordered by Indian Ocean to North East, Ilala Municipal to the South, Bagamoyo District to the North, Kibaha District to the West and Kisarawe District to the South West. The Municipal has number of matters and services to be done/ provided to the community. Among others being education, health services, road construction and maintenances, water services, urban agriculture, power and energy supply and others of alike. All these services need money to run in effective way so that, the community members could appreciate the concern of the government for their well-being.

The Municipal has vision and Mission which the study was interested with, to check out whether are just worded or are real in practical terms. The study eyed particularly to its Mission statement “Provision of quality services to the community through effective and efficient use of resources, capacity building, good governance and rule of law hence improve the living standard of people”.

The project (study) was don...

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