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Asking Joint Venture For Government Owned Essay

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Searching US$709 million & EPC contractor for BMRE project of ERL, only a government owned crude oil refinery at Bangladesh: further [email protected] 88-01710-962792 attn hafiz, Bangladesh part coordinator

Expression of Interest for Financing BMRE Project of Eastern Refinery Limited

The Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC)/Eastern Refinery Limited (ERL) (Lead Agency) under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Division (Lead Ministry) intends to increase its present capacity from 1.5 Million TPA to 4.5 Million TPA through BMRE project. The Government of Bangladesh has already approved the project. The consumption of petroleum oil products in Bangladesh at present is around 3.8 Million Metric Ton (MT) /Annum. ERL, the only petroleum refinery of Bangladesh is meeting around 30% of country’s petroleum products consumption where as 70% of the products are being imported as finished products.

BMRE of ERL is necessary in the light of the following:

- To provide desired energy security.
- To produce eco friendly fuels, complying with Euro-III specification. - To reduce the petroleum products deficit of national demand.

A feasibility study for BMRE of ERL has been carried out recently by internation...

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