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How Would You Cut Government Spending Essay

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Bridget Wheeler
GOVT 2305
The United States is currently trillions of dollars in debt, and spends nearly 1-trillion a year over budget. How would you cut spending? December 1, 2013

How would you help to bring the National debt down?

Each year the government spends countless amounts of money on things that could ultimately be put toward the debt we owe. The estimated amount of debt as of now is about $17,237,634,587,000. Some ways that you could reduce government spending is mandate a policy that would take $10 yearly for every person in a house hold. Another would be to cut out all the useless spending. You could eliminate all pensions and benefits for Senators, Congress people, and Presidents after they leave office. Make all government benefit programs time-capped. Cut pay and benefits for military & Pentagon personnel that never serve outside the country or near a combat zone.

To help raise money to put towards debt, you would obviously need a lot of money. One way that you could efficiently raise that money is to mandate a law that requires you to pay $10, including the annual income tax, for every...

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