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How to Build Operations in the Global Marketplace
15 February 2007 Jane Greenwald

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CEOs are becoming ever-more aware of the need to recruit leaders capable of performing in the worldwide marketplace. Lisa Tromba and Jane Greenwald of Battalia Winston International explain how to strike the balance between local knowledge and global capability.

As emerging markets continue to flourish, significant dilemmas around talent acquisition and global leadership have taken a prominent position on the CEO's agenda.

Particular challenges exist across US-based multi-national manufacturing companies including the need to reconfigure resources, redesign product development processes, re-evaluate cost structures and perhaps, most important of all, the need to reconsider the profile of top-level executives to lead the strategic and tactical development of emerging markets.


Increasingly, global corporations are focusing on striking the right balance between 'boots on the ground' which can leverage local advantages, and well-experienced global leaders who can successfully integrate core business goals and company principles with local market advantages, cultures and business opportunities for business sustainability.

Challenges abound both at the local market level and at the multinational corporation (MNC) headquarter level with regard to recruiting, developing and retaining the required talent.

The over-riding challenge is identifying the right management talent with the ability to technically and autonomously manage the operation. These managers must have the potential to evolve professionally an...

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