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Examining Government Regulations Essay

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Examining Government Relations
March 17, 2014
Brook Allen-Davis
Examining Government Relations
The U.S government has implemented various rules and regulations to care for the needs of the disabled people. Firstly, The U.S government implemented the rule of Americans with Disabilities Act that prohibits discrimination of people based on their disabilities. Subtitle AT of the Act protects the disabled people from discrimination in terms of services, activities or any programs undertaken in the state and local levels of government. The adoption of the rule has been effective in making programs accessible and effective communication to the disabled persons in Southwest Louisiana. This also provides a mechanism of resolving issues of discrimination towards the disabled people (Roulston & Prideaux, 2012). The paper will evaluate the various regulations, obstacles facing disabled people, and future trends in social policy. Recently, the U.S government implemented a regulation to ensure equal access to employment for the disabled people in the workplace. An executive order by President Obama provides that the recruiting agencies should develop effective hiring plans that account for the disabled people in the society. The regulation has been effec...

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